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True Mental Health



What creates true mental health? Is it what you've been taught -
or something else?

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Have you recently changed? Like you don’t know yourself anymore? What if that wasn’t wrong? What if you allowed yourself to change and evolve as fast as you truly BE? We get it! Join us on an exploration & journey of following the energy, following the change, & gaining more access to YOU along the way. Drop the self- doubt and obliterate the fear. Imagine where you could be one year from now if you chose it. Are you willing? You don’t have to do it alone. We got you!

We love exploring what is truly functional. Is it what we have been taught? Or something else? We question the dominant paradigm and tune into what else is possible. If you are here, then you desire something different. Something you know could truly be created in the world. Are you ready? Let’s GO!

  • Real stories of transformation
  • Thought-provoking questions
  • Our own personal tools, shared, for you to take into the week


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Meet the creators!

Christel Crawford
Co-Host and Consciousness Junkie

A Business Coach, Show Host & Author, Christel has always been interested in mental health. Trying every modality under the sun, she found herself at a crossroads of wanting to end it all. It wasn’t until she found Access Consciousness, that she dove headfirst into the deep end. She has been using the tools of Access Consciousness now for eight years to transform her life and thousands of others around the world.
(more about Christel here)

Dr. Janine Kreft
Co-Host and Mental Wellness Wizard

Psychologist turned Mental Wellness & Consciousness Facilitator, Janine has been fascinated by what it takes to create the reality we desire. Feeling lack-luster after learning all of the evidence-based modalities for mental health, she began to seek. When she stumbled upon Access Consciousness, everything changed. A whole new world of space and possibilities opened up. And now, she is obsessed with sharing that with you.
(more about Janine here)

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Just wanted to let you know that I am loving your exploring true mental health episodes. It's really creating space with the push pull I've been having with my psychology background. Amazing creation!

Eva Vromans

Access Bars & Facelift Facilitator

We're a huge fan of you. Our gift to you for getting even closer. 

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